Police officer hugged grieving fiancé after his partner died in his arms in London Bridge attack

A police officer who tried to save the life of terror victim Christine Archibald as she lay dying on London Bridge has told of how he hugged her distraught fiancé as he learnt of her death.

Pc Liam Dolphin, 30, of City of London police, who was among a group of officers at the royal visit to the Met’s special operations room in south London, said he believed he and his colleague Special Constable Steven Morgan, 36, were the first officers on the scene.

He told of how he gave her cardiopulmonary resuscitation before  later hugged her distraught fiancé Tyler Ferguson after he learnt she had died in Saturday night’s atrocity.

The heart breaking story emerged as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall made a visit to thank the emergency services for their work during the London terror attack. 

“We thought we were turning up to a road accident,” said Mr Morgan. “But as we made our way to the south side of the bridge it became more severe with casualties. We were both doing first aid to the critically wounded.”


Canadian Christine Archibald was the first confirmed victim of the London Bridge attack

But as they started treating the wounded on the bridge “the naughty guys came back”, said Pc McLeod, 29, and the officers started fighting the terrorists. 

“Unfortunately all I had was my baton. That was actually the first time I have had to use it.”

Pc Dolphin said that when he arrived he found members of the public trying to help Ms Archibald, a 30-year-old Canadian charity worker who had been hit by the van on the bridge. “I was giving her CPR,” he said. “I left her when the medics came.”


Royal London Hospital: The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall (second right) visit terror victims (PA)

Later he came across her fiancé Tyler Ferguson among the walking wounded. “I found him on the other end of the bridge,” he said. “He was quite distressed. He told me she had been pronounced dead. I was just hugging him for a while. He had a bit of a difficult time.”

He said the memory of that night remained vivid. “It sticks with you,” he said. “It’s very difficult.”

Mr Morgan said he had not been back to his day job – as a marine specialist with Scottish Power working with offshore wind farms – since the attack. “I decided it would not be best to go straight back,” he said. “It is quite a different role, being a special constable and doing a day job.”

Officers from British Transport Police told how they went to the aid of a colleague who stabbed in the eye by the attackers. 

Londoners return to work after London Bridge terror attacks

“We thought we were going to a fight,” said Pc Leon McLeod, 29. But as they started treating the wounded on the bridge, “the naughty guys came back” and the officers started fighting the terrorists, he said. 

It was during that confrontation that a BTP officer was stabbed in the eye. By the time Pc Alfred Iswa, 51, got there the injured officer was lying on the ground. 

“I could see blood was coming out of his face, near the eye. But I couldn’t see where.”

He checked him for other injuries, and found another cut on the thigh.

By that time the attackers had fled, with Pc McLeod chasing after them. Pc Iswa, who stayed behind looking after the injured officer, said: “I was trying to help him and he pointed his baton towards the attacker and said, ‘Get him.’ Even when injured he was trying to fight.”

Pc McLeod knew the officer because they had joined the force at the same time. “It has become clear that is a fighter. He is a big guy. I was happy to have him by my side.”

Later Pc McLeod said the severity of the incident never really sank in, “not even when the bullets started going.”

Who are the victims of the London Bridge attacks?

The time from the first call to the shooting of the terrorists “felt like forever”, he said. But when he checked the time, he realised it had only been eight minutes. “I thought, ‘Is that it?’”

He also questioned whether he had done all he could on the night. “Personally for me I question if I could do more, because it’s such a shit thing to be involved in.”

Their colleague Pc Lee Crook, 36 – whose birthday was on Saturday – was at Lewisham when the attack happened, and jumped on a train to London Bridge. “I wasn’t expecting it to stop at London Bridge. I was ready to pull the emergency alarm and jump off.”

With a member of the public Pcs Iswa and Crook loaded the injured officer on to an emergency stretcher and started walking him to Guy’s Hospital. But a passing police van flashed them and took him to King’s College Hospital instead. 

Two City of London detectives also described how they arrived at the scene within two or three minutes of the call. DC Mark Alston, 35, said: “The whole thing was so surreal. It was just a strange situation to be in. There were people’s belongings all over the bridge. It was dead quiet there.”

Dc Tom Hayball, 33, said: “We had walking wounded being tended to by members of the public covered in blood. There was a real sense of community that came out of it.”

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