‘Rainbow of hope’: Londoners describe spectacle arching over capital as symbol of hope after terror attack

Londoners are describing this evening’s rainbow over the capital as a “rainbow of hope” following the devastating terror attack on Saturday night.

Commuters took to social media to share their stunning pictures of the spectacle that arched over London on Monday evening, using the hashtag #LoveLondon.

The hashtag regularly accompanies messages being shared online as a sign of solidarity after three attackers killed seven people in the London Bridge attack.

The striking rainbow dominated the city’s skyline as it arched over the river Thames and landmarks such as the Shard and the Barbican Estate, with some people describing it as a “rainbow of hope.”

A rainbow of hope appeared over London #LoveLondon #hopeforlondon #LondonPride #PrayForLondon #rainbow #theshard pic.twitter.com/rtnPAnT6P5

— Nicola Halleron (@NixMcQ) June 6, 2017

Photographer James Burns, who took some of the stunning pictures of the rainbow from the Barbican area, told the Standard: “Knowing there was a rainbow coming this evening I wanted to capture something to offer hope and tranquillity after what happened at the weekend.

“It was completely motivated from that part of my heart. Rainbows have always, to me, resembled hope after tough times – they’re really, really powerful.”


London weather: Photographer James Burns he has always believed rainbows are a symbol of hope (James Burns)

One social media user wrote: “A rainbow of hope appeared over London #LoveLondon #hopeforlondon #LondonPride #PrayForLondon #rainbow #theshard.”

And another captioned a picture of the sight with: “If ever London could do with a rainbow.”


‘Rainbow of hope’: The rainbow over Dalston (Michael Worobec)

The colourful skyline came after London was lashed with rain and wind following one of the warmest springs on record.

Commuters battled deluges while Tube passengers faced morning rush-hour disruption after a tree fell on Central line tracks in strong winds.

One plucky commuter threw his hands in the air in joy while walking past the newly installed anti-terror barriers on London Bridge in an apparent gesture of defiance.

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