Charlie Gard’s parents “inconsolable” after Supreme Court decision | London

The plight of Charlie Gard has moved many – from the strangers who helped raise more than £1.3 million pounds for his potential treatment, to the 30 or so people who travelled to London today to support his parents and who tonight are chanting outside the Supreme Court.

Most of them don’t know the family, including one woman who came this morning on the train all the way from Durham.

Charlie Gard is critically ill. His parents Chris and Connie do not deny this, but they want to take him to America for experimental treatment. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where 10 month old Charlie is in intensive care, believe that he is so unwell his life support should be switched off.

For four months now Charlie’s future has been in the hand of the courts, and a High Court judge has already ruled that his life support should be switched off.

Today the Supreme Court denied his parents permission to appeal, saying that the child’s best interests must prevail.

It means Charlie’s parents Chris and have now exhausted all means of appeal in the UK courts.

They left the courtroom angry and in tears and tonight outside a representative for the family, Alison Smith Squire, said they are inconsolable and are now deciding whether to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Whatever you believe is right or wrong in this tragic and divisive case, no-one would want to stand in their shoes.

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