In Pictures: London In 1936

1936 was a year of remarkable breakthroughs and trialling turbulences. Alan Turing introduced the concept of the Turing machine to the London Mathematical Society. The BBC launched the world’s first television service, and Elizabeth Cowell became the first female British television presenter, while making a broadcast from Alexandra Palace. An explosion in a women’s cloakroom burned down the Crystal Palace, and King Edward VIII signed on the dotted line to abdicate the throne. Have a look at the gallery below for a glimpse into the lives of ordinary London people on ordinary (and extraordinary) days.

Battersea Power Station with original two chimneys
Source Old LondonAn elephant stops a tram on Gray’s Inn Road to eat an apple from the driver
Source Old Pics ArchiveHMV record store, Oxford Street
Source LondonistA woman is arrested at the Battle of Cable Street in October
Source East End Women’s MuseumQueen’s Park Rangers football team
Source Old LondonBarge horses, Brentford
Source Old LondonOld Compton Street
Source Rob BakerTower Beach
Source Old LondonHighbury
Source Old LondonArsenal’s east stand. Lots of obstructed views
Source Old LondonThe ruins of the Crystal Palace, London, after it was burned down
Source Old LondonVictoria station
Source Old LondonThe warehouses of Shad Thames
Source Sir William DavenantShoe shine, Charing Cross Road
Source Old LondonEuston station from the air
Source ThebeautyoftransportBuskers dressed as Father Christmas. Creepy
Source Rob BakerStriking rubber workers in east London
Source Old LondonSunshine Milk Bar
Source Westminster
Source Easter shopping
Source Highbury Clock End
Source Morden tube station
Source Father Christmas

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