How London Reacted To The Election Result

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How London Reacted To The Election Result
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As a hung parliament became increasingly likely over Friday morning, London was reacting to the news. London Redditors were as insightful as ever (insight into their own heads, rather than anything else):

As the exit poll was projected onto Broadcasting House in central London at 10pm on Thursday — predicting the Conservatives would not hit the majority they needed to form a government — a certain London newspaper editor (sacked by Theresa May as chancellor) had a smirk on his face:

mfw thinking about the possibility of Zac Goldsmith losing 2 elections in a year #GE2017

— demi abeille (@rubberbanddoll) June 8, 2017

It actually turned out that Zac Goldsmith reclaimed his Richmond Park seat — albeit with an itty bitty majority. People were keen to remind the twittersphere of the Conservative’s past howlers:

Here’s a reminder of what a complete arsehole Zac Goldsmith is

— James Serafinowicz (@flidby) June 9, 2017

Tottenham MP David Lammy — who was voted to stay in his seat with 82% share of the vote — had tweeted this earlier in the night:

Exit poll got me like #Election2017

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 8, 2017

On a more serious note, Lammy praised the turnout from London’s young voters:

72% turnout for 18-25 year olds. Big up yourselves 👊👏 #GE2017

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 9, 2017

In Croydon Central, conservative MP Gavin Barwell lost his seat to Labour’s Sarah Jones, prompting this headline from the Independent:


(It would also appear that Google has some updating to do):

There were also Labour gains in London, in Enfield Southgate and Battersea:

Battersea: LABOUR GAIN. One of the most inspiring campaigns – and new MPs – I’ve ever met. Please applaud her and them >> 👏 @marshadecordova

— Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) June 9, 2017

Not all London’s results are in yet. The tellers at Kensington & Chelsea are so tired after recounts, that counting has been suspended altogether.

No one, though, can be feeling more tired than Theresa May. What a night she’s had. This Doctor Who gif — shot at Shad Thames — probably describes it best:

Morning! If you’ve just picked up your phone, here’s a quick visual guide to how @theresa_may’s #GE2017 night went

— Guardian politics (@GdnPolitics) June 9, 2017

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