Borough Market fundraising bid for cash-strapped traders | London

Borough Market has launched a fund-raising drive to help businesses suffering financial losses as the area remains locked down following last Saturday’s attack.

The market’s trust is aiming to raise £50,000 to support companies unable to make money while police maintain strict cordons around their premises.

Swathes of the bustling south London thoroughfare were shut down by police after terrorists killed eight people and injured dozens more last weekend.

A donation of £20,000 has been made by the Borough Market trustees to kick off the campaign on its JustGiving page, which is being run with United St Saviour’s Charity and Better Bankside.

An atrocity of this magnitude has many hidden victims. Among these are the independent traders and producers who rely upon Borough Market for their livelihood.
With the market still closed and with valuable stock lost, some of these traders – although none would be quick to admit it – are struggling.

If any of these traders, whose skill and dedication make the market such a wonderful asset, were to find the viability of their work threatened by this act of violence, the result would be to add a sad injustice to a terrible tragedy.

The Borough Market Trust, some of the wider Bankside community and the market’s larger businesses, have joined together to establish a hardship fund for those traders who are suffering most in these uncertain times.

Anyone who wishes to support this fund will find their generosity gratefully received. There was never any doubt in my mind that the market’s community would pull together in a crisis, but it is nonetheless humbling to see that solidarity in action.

– Donald Hyslop, Chairman

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