‘I just said no’: Hero journalist Geoff Ho reveals moment he took on the London Bridge killers using martial arts skills

A hero newspaper journalist who was stabbed in the London Bridge terror attack has given a harrowing account of how he defiantly fought off terrorists using his martial arts skills.

Geoff Ho, the Sunday Express’ business editor, was one of dozens injured when terrorists mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a knife rampage in Borough Market.

He was stabbed in the neck by the attackers as he tried to defend revellers in the Black & Blue steakhouse.

Having already broken up a fight in a nearby pub, Mr Ho said he made the “fateful” decision to grab a quick beer in the restaurant when the attackers began barging down the door.

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Eight people were killed when the three terrorists went on their bloody rampage on Saturday, June 3.

Writing in the Sunday Express, Mr Ho said: “I close my eyes and I can still see and hear, crystal clear, everything from that night.

“I can actually still taste it in my mouth. The fear. The adrenaline coursing through my body, propelling my legs forward.

“The unmistakable copper taste of blood. My blood. Tears, screams around me, the emergency sirens, treatment and evacuation orders desperately yelled. The gunshots.”

Mr Ho had been in a nearby pub watching a football match with friends before he made his towards Borough Market.

Youssef Zaghba, Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane were shot dead by armed police officers shortly after they crashed their transit van and started stabbing passersby at random.

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Mr Ho said he knew “in his bones” police were on the way to stop the terrorists, but that if he didn’t stand up to the knifemen “maybe no one goes home”.

He at first thought they were men he had earlier stopped attacking a bouncer, but soon spotted their knives and fake suicide vests as they tried to burst through the door.

Mr Ho added: “The attackers stormed in and started yelling, ordering people to ‘Lie down on the ground! Get down on the ground!’ 

“I knew that if anyone did that, they’d be dead. I had to delay them, stall them any way I could.

“With my hands up, trying to look non-threatening, I stared back at them and said one word: NO.

“Firmly. Calmly. The one in the blue Arsenal away shirt walked toward me, barking “get on the floor!”. Again, I said no.

“I took a step back, keeping the knives at a distance and tried to keep them talking, not attacking anyone. ‘Talking is good. It buys time,’ I said to myself.”

He went on: “You may lose track of certain details during life and death situations but some are indelibly stamped into your mind. The creature in the Arsenal shirt snapped and came at me first, then his clean shaven accomplice.

“During the blur, the Arsenal attacker struck at my throat, but I must have blocked enough of the knife to make sure it didn’t kill me outright. Or maybe he was just that poorly trained in knife combat that he just failed.”

Having heroically protected fellow revellers in the restaurant, he was led away by armed officers and taken to hospital.

Mr Ho added: “Then the doctors grabbed me and hauled me into surgery. I awoke on Sunday morning and every face I saw was beautiful. The surgeons, the nurses. All amazing.

“Somehow I had made it. They told me to rest and that I was making strong, surprising progress.”

The journalist joined dating app Tinder from his hospital bed after a friend tried to make him feel better after the attack and has already managed to secure a few dates. 

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