‘This is a scandal’: Former chairman of Grenfell Tower company says building was ‘disaster waiting to happen’

A former chairman of the tenancy organisation linked to Grenfell Tower has said recent refurbishment work was a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Speaking as 12 were confirmed dead in the disaster, Reg Kerr-Bell said he stood down from the Kensington and Chelsea Tenancy Management Organisation (TMO) several years ago because of concerns about the way it was run.

Just two days before the fatal blaze, he had spoken to a former colleague about their fears of the potential for tragedy at the tower block.

Mr Kerr-Bell said: “This is a scandal. This is one of the biggest scandals in the country – and it could have been avoided.”


Former chairman of the tenancy organisation connected to Grenfell Tower, Reg Kerr-Bell, close to the scene of the fire (PA)

He added: “This refurbishment contract should never have been managed by TMO.

“It was too big for them. My great concern was about the viability of the project.”

He said he met a former director two days ago to discuss the building as he fretted that lives hung in the balance.

“We felt there was a disaster waiting to happen and we were going to have a meeting with the MP so that we could put these concerns to them.

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“That was two days ago and today he phoned me and said: ‘You will not believe what is going on’.

“It is not going to finish with this – this is just the start,” he said.

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