‘Our hearts are aching for her’: Auntie ‘hopeful’ in search for 12-year-old girl missing since Grenfell Tower fire

The auntie of a 12-year-old girl missing since the deadly Grenfell Tower inferno has said the family’s “hearts are aching for her” as they continue to scour hospitals and refuge centres.

Schoolgirl Jessica Urbano was at her home on the 20th floor of the tower block when a devastating fire broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning, killing at least 30 people.

She has not been seen or heard from since she made a heartbreaking phone call to her mother Adriana in which she desperately pleaded: “Mummy come and get me.”

Auntie Ana Ospina rushed to the tower block after the fire broke out and has been searching hospitals and refuge centres ever since.

Grenfell Tower missing people – In pictures


She said the family had been told that before they arrived onlookers saw her being wheeled into an ambulance, but they have not found her at any hospitals.

Ms Ospina, a make-up artists, told the Standard: “We must have got there at about 5 in the morning – we’ve looked everywhere, we’ve been to every hospital.

“We’ve just been handed bits of paper with the number of them and told she’s not on the list. It’s not really been very helpful.

“We’re not completely in denial of what the outcome could be, but we’ve had so much misinformation.


Missing: Jessica Urbano (Twitter)

“People have told us that they’ve seen her getting into an ambulance so that’s why we’re still checking the hospitals.”

Between 60 and 70 people are believed to still be missing following the fire, with officials having warned they are not expecting to find any survivors in Grenfell Tower.

Emergency services have warned more fatalities are likely amid fears the death toll could rise to triple figures.

Grenfell tower fire: How the disaster unfolded

The Met Police has said some victims may never be identified.

In a series of heartbreaking tweets, Ms Ospina said: “My niece Jessica is still missing #GrenfellFire we are searching hospitals and not been given any news please have her in your prayers

“A massive thank you to all for your kind words and support, here is hoping we find my niece Jessica Today our hearts are aching for her.”

Scotland Yard has opened a criminal investigation into what led to the tragedy after the North Kensington building went up in flames in the early hours of Wednesday.

Ms Ospina said: “I think we just haven’t processed anything yet – it’s not real. There are up and downs but we’re hopeful.

“Everybody’s been left to their own devices, people are homeless and the only help we’ve been getting is from the community – that’s been amazing.”

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