Trooping the Colour: Five Guardsmen faint as temperatures soar during Queen’s birthday celebrations

Five guardsmen were carried away from the Queen’s birthday celebrations on stretchers after fainting at Horse Guards Parade as temperatures soared.

Dressed in his full uniform, including a bearskin, one soldier fell forward out of his formation as the mercury hit 25C in nearby St James’s Park during Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

As the band marched towards his position, the guardsman in the second row collapsed to his knees before landing face down with his hands to his side.

His colleagues maintained position as the ceremony to mark the Queen’s birthday continued around him.


The Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (PA)

Three soldiers then walked to his aid.

One removed his bearskin before the guardsman was lifted on to a stretcher one minute and 17 seconds after he fainted.

At least four other guardsmen at the event are believed to have fallen victims to the higher-than-average temperatures on Saturday, also fainting.


The Queen and Prince Phillip greet fans (REUTERS)

An Army spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that during the Queen’s birthday parade today a small number of soldiers fainted.

“It is an extremely hot day and all were removed from the Parade and checked by medical staff where they were hydrated.”


Annual event: The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge (Getty Images)

According to the Met Office temperatures in London will hit a sizzling 28C on Saturday and reach highs of 32C on Sunday.

Spokesman Graham Madge told the Standard: “Over the next few days it will be clear, bright, maybe a little bit of cloud here or there but not too much and that’s probably not going to deliver any significant rain.

“We’re expecting highs of 30C on Sunday and then on Monday we may see temperatures climb even further.” 

He added: “Tuesday may see those temperatures climb even higher, but what we’re awaiting is the eventual break down of this [warm air] system and if that does happen it could be with quite a stormy end.”

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