London fire: Each Grenfell Tower family whose home was devastated in blaze will receive £5,500 from Government

Each family whose home was destroyed in the Grenfell Tower fire will receive at least £5,500 from the Government, it has been announced.

On Sunday Downing Street said residents of the burnt-out tower block would receive £500 in cash followed by a bank payment of £5,000 from Monday.

The money will be taken from the Government’s £5 million emergency fund which they pledged would be spent on aid, clothing and food for the victims.

Some of the cash is already being handed out and further payments will be available from the Westway Centre and nearby post office on Portobello Road. Help will also be given to people who do not have bank accounts.

It comes after a volunteer claimed survivors were being given just £10 to live on by the local council.

Mrs May said: “As we continue to respond to the needs of the community, our focus is on ensuring that all of those affected by this unimaginable tragedy get the right support as quickly as possible.


The PM has said the support for families was ‘not good enough’ in the hours after the disaster. (Getty Images)

“My government will continue to do absolutely everything possible to help all of those affected through the difficult days, weeks, months and years ahead.”

It comes after a weekend of meetings for Prime Minister Theresa May who has talked with residents and community leaders as well as chairing a Government taskforce to determine a plan of action.

Mrs May insisted the Government was doing everything possible to help those caught up in the tragedy.


Tragedy: Two women cry as they bring flowers to the scene on Saturday. (AFP/Getty Images)

She had previously ordered daily updates on how the rehousing plans for residents were progressing and promised all Grenfell residents’ legal costs in the public inquiry would be covered.

The PM also pledged another £1.5 million for mental health support for the firefighters and other emergency workers who dealt with trauma during the horrific blaze.

She admitted the support for residents on the ground in the wake of the disaster was “not good enough”.

Mrs May had previously faced criticism over her handling of the disaster after visiting the scene in north Kensington but initially failing to meet with residents.


PM Theresa May was criticised for this visit, where she only met with emergency workers. (Getty Images)

The PM later visited survivors in hospital before inviting a group of residents to Downing Street for talks lasting two and a half hours.

On Sunday, residents who met the Prime Minister in Downing Street following the Grenfell Tower fire criticised estate managers of the building as having been “invisible in the aftermath of the tragedy”.

The group, made up of victims, residents, community leaders and volunteers, said they were grateful to Theresa May for listening to their concerns but demanded “real action and immediate results” moving forward.

Grenfell Tower Firefighters – In pictures

In a statement they criticised Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation for its reaction to the disaster.

The group said: “In our meeting at Downing Street, we explained to the Prime Minister the anger of all residents towards the management of the estate over a long period of time, paving the way to this tragedy.

“With the exception of very few junior officers, the estate managers have been invisible in the aftermath of the tragedy.”

The statement said: “t said: “We are devastated by this tragedy. We are angry about the inadequacy of the response and the longstanding neglect of our buildings by the council and building management.

“We are grateful to the Prime Minister for listening to us and for the assurances she has given us but now we need to see real action and immediate results with centralised coordination of the relief effort with residents closely involved.

“The Government must also take a serious look at the neglect and chronic underfunding of social housing over decades.”

The blaze ripped through the 24-storey building in the early hours of Wednesday, leaving residents trapped in the high rise block.

Police have since said 58 people are missing and presumed dead as the search continues to recover bodies.

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