Finsbury Park attack victim ‘does not remember what happened’

A victim of the terror attack near Finsbury Park mosque was left with a fractured skull and does not remember what happened, a relative has said.

One man was killed when a van driver ploughed into a crowd of worshippers who had just finished prayers at the mosque in Seven Sisters Road early on Monday morning.

One relative, who wished to remain anonymous, said his Uncle Hamza Sharif is one of nine people taken to hospital having been hit by the van.

Dad-of-four Darren Osborne, 47, from Cardiff, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and terrorism offences having allegedly carried out the horrific attack.

Finsbury Park attack June 19

During a visit to his uncle in hospital, the relative said: “He is bleeding out of his ear, but in general his health was stable.

“He has a fracture in his skull – but they still don’t know why the bleeding from his ear is not stopping yet,” the Somali-born man said.

He added that Mr Sharif “does not remember anything” of the attack and kept asking immediately after the incident “what was wrong”.

Finsbury Park mosque attack: Imam hailed ‘hero’

The man said: “I have been living in London now almost eight years – it is a good place, a safe place, but after what happened it doesn’t seem to be as we thought it was.”

He added: “Hopefully we won’t see what we saw again.”

All of the casualties injured in the attack, which happened at around 12.20am, were Muslim and the area was busy after Ramadan night prayers.

Witnesses described hearing the van driver, who was detained by members of the public at the scene, shout: “I’m going to kill Muslims.”

Police said the attack happened while a man, who later died, was receiving first aid after being taken ill in Seven Sisters Road.

It is not clear whether there is any link between his death and the attack.

The sister of terror suspect Mr Osborne said she is “very sorry” for what happened and that the family were “massively shocked” by the attack.

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