See the Flying Scotsman steaming through Nth London on Saturday – IanVisits

Probably the world’s most famous steam locomotive, the Flying Scotsman will be arriving at King’s Cross station on Saturday.

You can therefore watch it from the various vantage points along the route down to central London — as trying to get a photo at Kings Cross itself is likely to be rather difficult due to crowds.

Hauling a train from Scarborough, the Flying Scotsman is expected to pass through Alexandra Palace, Haringay, and Finsbury Park, arriving at King’s Cross at 2pm.

Suitable vantage points would be bridges along the route, or on the platforms, but with the usual warning to watch out for other trains, and don’t use tripods on the platforms.

Note, the train leaves at 5:10pm, but will be diesel hauled for the return back up north. The service is being run as The Scarborough Flyer.

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