Things We Love To Complain About On The Tube

From hogging tube seats, to bare feet and to man-spreading; Londoners have to put up with a lot on the tube. Have a look at the items below and see how many you’ve encountered within the last week. We may complain, but we love London really. All of it. Even those smelly bare feet.

Do not have conversations on the tube because the tube was made for silence. Source Bt A hard day.
Source NewagemanThe overly-affectionate couple
Source BuzzfeedHogging the seat. We’re sure that coat is really tired.
Source BuzzfeedSource BuzzfeedMake yourself at home.
Source NewagemanYou can share a look with a stranger only when the tube is excessively delayed or when the announcements are accidently broadcast too loudly. Source Esquire Someone’s had a long day.
Source BuzzfeedSorry for the delay, we are just waiting to clear a drunk dancing topless man from the tunnel. Source Londonist If there is no room for your body on this tube carriage, do not put your body into this tube carriage. Source Bt Get your newspaper out of my friggin face right now Source Bt Put that tuna sandwich away right now Source Bt A discreet sandwich or packet of crisps is fine, but anyone eating anything hot or smelly is an enemy to us all. Source Esquire Source BuzzfeedSource BuzzfeedWho doesn’t love looking at a stranger’s bare foot?
Source BuzzfeedWould the gentleman in the rear carriage carrying the bike across his shoulders either get off at the next station, or come to the front of the train, as I’d like to have a quiet word. That’s the gentleman with the bike. Source Londonist Do not walk or stand in a line with your entire family. Source Bt No toilet. Drunk guy. Packed train. Urine running from bottom of his trousers. Casually cracked open another beer. Gross. Source Londonist Feet up on public transport seats
Source BuzzfeedSource TravelbetterlondonJust no
Source NaturalyogurtStop pretending you can’t see that pregnant woman Source Bt You can strike up a conversation with a stranger only after 9pm and only when one or both of you is drunk. Source Esquire Please remove your obnoxiously large suitcase out of everyone’s way. Source Bt The carriage busker
Source Buzzfeed

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