Grenfell Tower: £1m given to families who lost homes in inferno

Nearly £1 million has been given to families whose homes were destroyed in the Grenfell Tower inferno.

Kensington and Chelsea council also said that all 228 households displaced by the disaster has now been offered emergency accommodation, with hotel rooms made available for people who lived in the tower block.

In total, £999,830 has now been handed out to victims of the disaster from both the council and Government after both were heavily criticised for their response to the tragedy.

Council workers and Government officials are now working to provide long-term accommodation for those who lost their homes.


Theresa May speaking about the Grenfell disaster in Parliament on Thursday (AFP/Getty Images)

At least 79 people are believed to have died when a huge fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in the early hours of Wednesday, June 14.

The Government and council have both been criticised for their response to the tragedy, with Prime Minister Theresa May apologising for politician’s “failure” to help victims.

Kensington and Chelsea council chief executive Nicholas Holgate has since resigned.  

The Standard revealed on Wednesday that residents evacuated from the tower block are set to move into 68 flats in a £2 billion luxury complex on Kensington High Street.

The deal was brokered by the Homes and Communities Agency on behalf of the government.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Our priority is to get everyone who has lost their home permanently rehoused locally as soon as possible, so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.”

The £1m handed to residents is made up of a £500 cash payments and £5,000 delivered through the Department for Work and Pensions and council.

Residents in nearby homes have also been evacuated while investigators work at the tower block, with 109 families in surrounding properties also staying in htoels.

On Thursday, Mrs May said several other tower blocks in the country could go up in flames in a similar way to the Grenfell Tower.

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