Grenfell Tower: Bills for burnt furniture cancelled after local outrage

Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire will have payments for incinerated furniture cancelled following outrage that they were still being charged.

Sofa retailer DFS and Barclays, which provides loans for customers to pay for furniture, have cancelled bills they had intended to collect from those who lost their homes in last week’s devastating fire, the Standard has learned.

Survivor Hannah West told the Sun on Sunday last week: “We turned [5-year-old daughter] Thea’s bedroom into a princess room and had just bought a brand new sofa from DFS – and Barclays Finance is saying we still have to pay them £35 a month for it.

“I had even taken insurance out but they tell us it was not covered in the event of a fire.”

A DFS spokeswoman told the Standard: “Everyone at DFS would like to extend their heartfelt support to all those impacted by the tragic fire.

“Since the incident at Grenfell Tower occurred, we’ve been working closely with Barclays to ensure that all DFS customers with finance agreements have their outstanding balances cancelled.”

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