21 year old has ‘life changing’ injuries after birthday acid attack | London

A 21 year old has suffered ‘life changing’ burns after she had acid thrown at her through the window of her car while out celebrating her birthday.

Resham Khan was driving through Beckton with her cousin Jameel on Wednesday morning when they stopped at the lights. A man ran up to the car and threw acid at her through the open window, before running round the other side to throw it at her cousin as well.

He then chased the pair as they tried desperately to drive off. In pain, they lost control of the car and crashed into a fence.

The pain was excruciating I was struggling to close the window. My cousin struggled to get us away. I saw my clothes burn away in front of me. He put his foot down as we were coming onto a dual carriage way but the pain took over and we crashed.

We stripped off in the middle of the road, running around screaming and begging for water. We did this for 45 minutes. No ambulance came.

– Resham Khan, acid attack victim

Passers by helped the pair get to a nearby hospital before the ambulance or police arrived. They have since been transferred to a specialist burns unit, but police say their injuries are ‘life changing’.

Resham told ITV News she has had skin grafts on her face and burns across the whole of her body. She says her cousin suffered such serious burns he had to be put into an induced coma.

The suspect ran off after the attack and has not been caught. Police searched a nearby house but didn’t make any arrests. Friends have started an online fundraising page to help the pair after the attack here.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-06-25/21-year-old-attacked-with-acid-on-birthday/