Grenfell Tower disaster survivors’ trust for authorities ‘at rock bottom’, David Lammy claims

Grenfell Tower survivors’ trust is at “rock bottom” for authorities due to a lack of information on the number of victims the disaster has claimed, David Lammy said.

Police must come forward with more information for those who lost loved ones in the blaze still “holding out hope” that their family members are alive, the Tottenham MP urged.

In a series of explosive tweets, Mr Lammy said the authorities’ “failure” to provide updates is fuelling anger and unrest and is “driving a wedge” between them and the community.

He wrote: “Almost two weeks on and having spent time with the survivors this week it is difficult to describe the pain people are going through. 

“Holding out hope for loved ones that they know deep down lost their lives in Grenfell is eating people up inside and breaking them down.”

Trust is at rock bottom in the community. Failure to provide updates of the true number that died is feeding suspicion of a cover-up (4/?)

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 25, 2017

He added: “Trust is at rock bottom in the community. Failure to provide updates of the true number that died is feeding suspicion of a cover-up.”

The Metropolitan Police has not updated the number of people confirmed dead in the west London tragedy since the start of this week, when it said at least 79 lost their lives.

Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack, who is overseeing the investigation into the disaster, on Friday said: “As we continue to work to clarify the numbers of people missing and presumed dead, the number has not risen since the start of the week.

“However, I do expect the number to change for a number of reasons that we have already explained. 

Grenfell Tower aftermath – In pictures

“I know that there has been concern and fear that those figures are a lot higher. We want to identify all those who died as result of the fire at Grenfell Tower and that is where I need the public’s help.

“I do not want there to be any hidden victims of this tragedy.”

Mr Lammy, who’s friend Khadija Saye died in last Wednesday’s inferno, said Kensington and Chelsea council is withholding information “for political reasons in an attempt to avoid fuelling anger or unrest.”


Khadija Saye: The Tottenham MP’s close friend who died in the Grenfell Tower disaster (PA)

He added: “The fact is that the longer this goes on, the bigger the disconnect between RBKC [the local authority] and the community. There is zero trust right now.

“If the true numbers are withheld, the authorities will never regain the trust of the people and the community. It’s that simple.”

The Standard has approached the council for comment.

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