Battersea primary school garden given surprise makeover after 9-year-old pupil sends heartfelt letter

A primary school pupil was left amazed after a gardening firm which she wrote to asking for advice on decorating the school’s garden organised a secret makeover.

Amaia Agyeman, 9, sent a handwritten letter to Fantastic Gardeners asking for help in decorating the communal plot at John Burns Primary School, in Battersea.

She said pupils would “love to have a happy garden again” in the letter.

The owners were so impressed by Amaia’s appeal for help, they sent workers to the school to secretly redevelop the plot for free during half term.


Amaia and her classmates celebrate the unvieling of the new garden

Amaia, a member of the school’s gardening club, wrote to the firm after noticing their van in the area.

Speaking moments after the garden was revealed, Amaia said: “I can’t believe my letter has led to this amazing transformation.

“It’s such a generous thing to have done. We will take such pride in our school garden now.”

Olive Swaby, Amaia’s teaching assistant, helped the gardening experts keep the transformation a secret from the school children.

She said: “We are delighted to be able to use this space as a hands-on, outdoor, learning environment. Our gardening club will be delighted to welcome more aspiring gardeners to sign up and enjoy this fantastic experience.”

The gardening firm is run by Fantastic Services, which runs cleaning and maintenance services across London.

Simon Mills, head of franchise at Fantastic Services, said: “As soon as we saw the letter from Amaia we knew that we wanted to help her and the school gardening club. 

“We think it’s great to teach children from an early age to love and learn to garden. We’re providing the kids with seeds, watering cans and gardening tools so that they can continue to add to the garden and watch it blossom.”

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