Grenfell Tower: Residents demand investigation leaves ‘no stone unturned’ in letter to Theresa May

Residents have written to Prime Minister Theresa May demanding the Grenfell Tower disaster investigation leaves “no stone unturned”.

A letter written on behalf of the residents of Hurstway, Testerton, Barandon and Grenfell Walks on the Lancaster West estate to Mrs May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd, said they wanted to ensure “justice is served for everyone on the estate”.

The group, part of the Justice4Grenfell campaign, wrote: “The investigation must leave no stone unturned.

“It must identify each and every individual and organisation who must bear responsibility and accountability for this tragedy and the mishandling of the aftermath.


The PM previously said the support for families was ‘not good enough’ in the hours after the disaster. (Getty Images)

“There must be swift recommendations to ensure there can be no chance of a repeat of this disaster elsewhere.

“Bereaved families and survivors will require time to recover and grieve, not least in view of the paucity of support they have been afforded by the state and its agencies in the immediate aftermath.”

The fire, which started in a faulty Hotpoint fridge-freezer, is believed to have claimed the lives of 79 people who are either known to have died or are missing, presumed dead.

The letter added: “We support the survivors and mourn the dead – they are our families, friends and neighbours, many of whom are still missing.

“We want to ensure that justice is served for everyone on the estate. We therefore demand that our voices are heard and fully included in the public inquiry.”

The group would also like to see bereaved families and survivors given funding for legal representation in any inquiry.

Inquests into the deaths of four people who perished in the Notting Hill inferno were opened and adjourned at Westminster Coroner’s Court on Monday.

Meanwhile, cladding on 75 tower blocks across 26 local authority areas has failed fire safety tests, the Government said.

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