Residents’ group: Grenfell investigation must leave ‘no stone unturned’ | London

An investigation into the Grenfell Tower disaster must leave “no stone unturned”, a residents’ group has told Theresa May.

An open letter written on behalf of the residents of Hurstway, Testerton, Barandon and Grenfell Walks on the Lancaster West estate said they wanted to ensure justice is served for everyone on the estate.

The group, part of the Justice4Grenfell campaign, wrote:

The investigation must leave no stone unturned. It must identify each and every individual and organisation who must bear responsibility and accountability for this tragedy and the mishandling of the aftermath.

There must be swift recommendations to ensure there can be no chance of a repeat of this disaster elsewhere;

Bereaved families and survivors will require time to recover and grieve, not least in view of the paucity of support they have been afforded by the state and its agencies in the immediate aftermath.

– Residents’ group open letter to Theresa May

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