London Bridge terrorists lined up like ‘wolf pack’ says blinded officer who fought all three | London

A British Transport Police officer described how he fought off all three London Bridge attackers with just his baton after being blinded in one eye as they lashed out at him with knives.

Wayne Marques, who has spoken publicly for the first time since the terror attack said he thought he was going to die after being stabbed multiple times.

The British Transport Police officer was near the start of his Saturday nightshift and on patrol with a colleague in the area of London Bridge Station when he heard screams.

The 38-year-old who lives in south London initially thought he was dealing with a pub fight. He was then approached by an off-duty Metropolitan Police officer who said he saw someone stabbed.

I remember grabbing my baton with my right hand and I racked (extended) it. I took a deep breath and I just charged the first one (attacker).
As I got near him I swung at him with everything I had as hard as I could, straight through his head, trying to go for like a knock-out blow.

– PC Wayne Marques, British Transport Police

Pc Marques, who has since recovered his sight after being wounded just above his right eye, was stabbed numerous times, with the major injuries to his head, left leg and left hand. The fight lasted around 90 seconds.

He’d hit me so hard that my right eye went lights out straight away, I just went blind.

The second one and the third one I was basically fighting left to right, because I only had one eye so I’m moving left to right, left to right.

I didn’t realise how badly I was hurt. The adrenaline, the fighting, all of that, I could feel what they were doing to me but I couldn’t feel it at the same time.

The three of them were standing together almost shoulder-to-shoulder in like a little wolf pack and they’re staring at me. And that’s when I get to size them up.
The short one that was on the right-hand side, he was the one that I heard saying ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar’. He said it a few times, eyes bulging.

And I’m basically just like a cowboy western movie waiting for the draw, waiting for them to make their move.

– PC Wayne Marques, British Transport Police

For reasons he said he did not know, the attackers instead rushed off towards Borough Market where they continued their rampage.

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