Council scraps Grenfell meeting as soon as journalists arrive | London

A senior council meeting about the Grenfell Tower disaster descended into chaos tonight – when it was scrapped as soon as journalists entered the room.

Media and the public were initially barred from attending. But after a challenge at the High Court this evening, journalists won the right to enter the meeting.

However the leader of the council, Nicholas Paget-Brown, quickly abandoned the meeting, citing concerns about ‘prejudice’ to an upcoming inquiry about the tragedy if journalists were there. He and his cabinet then promptly left the room.

ITV News reporter Nick Wallis was there, and said there were chaotic scenes after the meeting was stopped. People began shouting, crying, and calling for the council executive to resign.

Labour councillor Robert Atkinson, who represents the ward that Grenfell Tower is in, had a furious altercation with Mr Paget-Brown after the decision was made to stop the meeting.

What you have done is used this as opportunity for you to make a statement and nobody else gets to say anything at all.

You could have issued that statement, in fact you should have issued that statement, eight days ago.

An absolute fiasco, this is why I am calling for your resignation

– Robert Atkinson, Labour councillor, to Nicholas Paget-Brown

In a statement sent to ITV News after the meeting, the council said they had been given ‘legal advice’ to stop the meeting – and that they would ‘explore other opportunities’ for open discussions.

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