In Photos: Shoreditch In The 20th Century

Eleana Overett

In Photos: Shoreditch In The 20th Century

By the time the 1900s came around, the textile and furniture industries that had been the pillars of business and economy in Shoreditch had severely declined, leaving the area notorious instead for crime and poverty. This was made worse by the damage caused by the Blitz. It wasn’t until the late 20th century that Shoreditch began its rejuvenation into the edgy district we know today.

Hoxton, 1974
Source This Brutal HouseBrick Lane, 1970
Source Carl ThompsonHoxton Market, 1910
Source Appear [Here]Brick Lane, 1970s
Source Ravi JunejaRegent’s Canal in Shoreditch, 1955
Source LondonhistorianHillcott House, Shoreditch
Source This Brutal House Hoxton Square, 1921 and today
Source LondonhistorianBrick Lane market 1987. That might not be the genuine Mona Lisa
Source Old LondonBrick Lane in 1905, looking onto Bethnal Green Road
Source DavidFrying Pan Alley, off Brick Lane, 1900s
Source Joe FlanaganThe Jewish Soup Kitchen in Brune Street
Source The RipperJolly Butchers in Brick Lane. It closed in 1987.
Source The RipperLynedoch Street, Shoreditch 1920
Source YesteryearBrick Lane in 1997
Source Handpicked LondonBrick Lane, 1972
Source Dermot FinchLive geese in a shop on Brick Lane, 1955
Source Sir William DavenantBrick Lane in 1978
Source Old Pics ArchiveClocking in at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, 1964
Source Old LondonBrick Lane Market, early 1970s
Source M. V. AufschnaiterShoreditch in 1929
Source Rob BakerShoreditch Station, 1926
Source Old LondonMobile Homes on Ivy Street, Hoxton, 1973
Source Sam JacobBrick Lane, 1961
Source Rob Baker261 – 265 Brick Lane in 1900
Source The RipperView down Brick Lane, 1957
Source Old LondonNile Street, Hoxton, 1906
Source Historical EnglandBrick Lane, 1978 and now
Source BuzzfeedSchool strikes, Shoreditch, 1911
Source YesteryearBrick Lane in the 1900s
Source Joe FlanaganShoreditch High Street, 1919
Source HowardgriffingalleryShoreditch station c.1920
Source DavidShoreditch, 1915
Source LondonhistorianPitfield Street in Hoxton, 1905
Source The RipperBrick Lane, 1970s
Source Ghost SignsBrick Lane, 1997
Source Nik StrangeloveClub Row, Shoreditch, 1965
Source PinterestShoreditch, 1940s
Source Old LondonThe top end of Brick Lane c.1971
Source DavidBrick Lane, sacking girls, 1906
Source Mark A LathamShoreditch Scouts on St George’s Day in 1952
Source Rob BakerBrick Lane in 1935
Source Old LondonBrick Lane, 1970s
Source ThchBrick Lane Market, 1920
Source SpitalfieldslifeBrick Lane, early 1900s
Source Colliers City FringeOld Street Underground station, 1930s
Source LondonhistorianCheshire Street in Shoreditch, January 1973
Source Rob Baker

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