92-year-old widow dragged screaming along the ground while being robbed | London

A 92-year-old widow was dragged screaming along the ground as she tried to stop a robber snatching her handbag in broad daylight.

The woman had just posted a letter and was on her way to her doctor when CCTV footage captured a man creep up behind her.

He then snatched her bag and she desperately tried to hang on to it. But she was pulled to the floor and dragged along the pavement before letting go.

The man then ran off leaving the woman on the ground in Hackney, east London.

She suffered extensive bruising all over her body, with the most severe on her ribs and side where she was dragged along the floor.

She also suffered a three inch bruise to her left arm from where the handbag dragged on her arm.

The woman, who recently lost her husband of nearly 70 years, was left distraught and terrified of leaving her house.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-06-30/92-year-old-widow-dragged-screaming-along-the-ground-while-being-robbed/