‘House of horrors’: Ceiling collapses around Harrow housing inspectors after ‘disgraceful’ landlord refused to fix leak

Housing inspectors on an emergency call out to a “house of horrors” were trying to fix a leak when its kitchen ceiling collapsed, narrowly missing them.

The plumber was left “fearing for his life” when the room’s water-filled ceiling crashed to the ground around them in the rented home in South Harrow.

Tenants living in the property suffered a three-month ordeal when their “disgraceful” landlord refused to fix a ruptured water tank because they failed to pay their rent, the local council said.

The broken cistern caused the entire upstairs bathroom to gradually flood and soaked electrics in the kitchen.


Harrow: The leak soaked electrics in the kitchen (Harrow Council)

Shocked inspectors for Harrow council arrived to find the ceiling collapsing before their eyes before it plummeted to the ground – missing them by inches.

The occupants endured fungal growth and damp so severe that it “rained indoors” before the local authority was forced to intervene on March 16.

After the serious damage was discovered, the council said the tenants were immediately moved to emergency accommodation.

Cllr Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment at the council, said: “You couldn’t make this up. If you saw this house of horrors in the movies, you wouldn’t believe it.

“This landlord is a real disgrace. To think she left her tenants in such danger, in an argument about money.

“Well, now she has no tenants at all, and we’ll make sure she fixes the house – no matter how much it costs.”

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