‘Most inspirational’ London Tube line revealed by survey

The most inspired commuters in London can be found on the Metropolitan line, according to a new survey.

One in six people travelling on the Tube line said their journey to work got their creative juices flowing, research found. 

They spent an average of 53 per cent of their commute engaged in artistic pursuits such as drawing and writing.

But the Circle and Waterloo and City lines were the least inspirational, according to a poll by Microsoft Surface.

London’s commuters were the fifth most inspired in the country, behind Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and Sheffield.

The 2,005 adults surveyed reporting being at their creative peak between 9am and noon.

Sara Jones, lecturer in creativity and innovation at Cass Business School, said: “The environment outside of the office can be a rich source of inspiration, and research tells us that environments that include natural features, such as trees and plants, can boost creativity.

“A simple change of environments can be helpful for increasing creative productivity, as can the physical activity that is often involved in being out and about.”





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Source : http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/londons-most-inspirational-tube-line-revealed-a3576236.html