Crystal Palace using garlic to prepare pitch for Premier League | London

We have a problem with nematodes, which are a microscopic, parasitic worm-like creature that live within the root zone.

When it gets in there it can distort all the roots system and creates a weak plant that is susceptible to disease and wear and tear.

We have to eradicate them, and one of the ways to do that is with garlic. This is a liquid form of garlic so we can spray it and it creates a chemical within the root zone which isn’t toxic to us but is to the nematodes.

We’re having to do it over a three-week period because you can’t affect the nematode unless it’s in the root zone, but it has a life cycle.
They create eggs so we do it over a certain period when they’re active in there to catch any hatches
The only unfortunate thing for us the pungent smell. Think of your garlic at home and times that by 100.

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