Wardens sent to estate in Peckham because cracks ‘could be fire risk’ | London

Fire wardens have been sent to an estate in Peckham because it’s feared cracks in the buildings could be a fire risk.

Wardens are patrolling the Ledbury Estate after an assessment by Southwark Council. They will remain there until a detailed survey is carried out.

I think their [the council] fear of the media being involved – especially since Grenfell – I would imagine has really sharpened their game up.

The Director of Housing knocked on my door late on Sunday night – that’s a sign of how serious they’re taking everything.

– Glenn Holmes, Resident

Southwark Council said it has been checking all properties following the Grenfell fire.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-07-04/wardens-sent-to-estate-in-peckham-because-cracks-could-be-fire-risk/