Confused employees ‘evacuated’ from offices opposite Grenfell Tower ‘over fire safety concerns’

Confused employees have reportedly been evacuated from offices neighbouring Grenfell Tower over fire safety concerns.

North Kensington Law Centre, in the basement of one of the blocks surrounding the charred west London tower, was said to have been cleared by police on Wednesday afternoon.

About 50 residents gathered outside the blocks in Hurstway Walk and Testerton Walk, and appeared confused about what was going on.

A few were told by neighbours to leave the building, but were still waiting for police to tell them why it was being cleared.

A spokesman for the centre said: “We were asked to leave the building by the police and they said it was to do with fire safety, so we asked if there was anything to worry about and they said no.


‘Evacuation’: Confused residents confront officers over fire safety concerns

“We all left and waited. Then the police came and explained to us what was happening. They said it had been evacuated because of the fire exit.”

He explained the long Barandon Walk building had two exits on opposite ends, with the fire escape located closest to the tower.

The centre has moved into the Clement James Centre, opposite the building on the far side to the Grenfell Tower.

Lancaster West Residents Association said it was aware of an evacuation of “specific units” due to the fire brigade needing to check a fire escape and access.

It said a “panic” had been caused in part due to a fire alarm going off as a false alarm in one of the blocks. 

Scotland Yard said they were not aware of any emergency situation taking place.

A Met spokesman said: “As a precaution we temporarily stopped working inside Grenfell Tower whilst some additional tests were carried out.

“Officers only stopped people working inside the tower, and no-one else was asked to leave their property because of this.

“Now those tests have been completed work has restarted inside Grenfell Tower.”

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