In Pictures: The Construction Of Tower Bridge

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In Pictures: The Construction Of Tower Bridge

What do you get when you cross eight years, five major contractors, 432 construction workers, 11,000 tons of steel and a shedload of Cornish granite and Portland stone? Tower Bridge of course — designed by City architect Sir Horace Jones, who later went on to do Leadenhall and Billingsgate markets. Opened in 1894, we can’t quite believe the work that went into getting this London icon off the ground.

Source Tower BridgeThe construction of Tower Bridge, 1889
Source HistoricenglandSource HuffingtonpostTower Bridge construction, 1892
Source Jackieboy86Adding the finishing touches
Source HuffingtonpostSource GencTower Bridge, 1894
Source BuildingtalkTower Bridge, 1892
Source Eric G. E. Zuelow1893
Source HuffingtonpostTower Bridge under construction, 1893
Source Old Pics ArchiveThree years into the project
Source HuffingtonpostConstruction of Tower Bridge, 1892
Source LondoninsightSource Old Pics ArchiveSource The RipperSource The RipperSource The RipperSource HuffingtonpostView of Tower Bridge as building continues with river traffic in the foreground in 1893
Source HuffingtonpostSorting the roofs
Source Old Pics ArchiveThe first pier starts to take shape over the River Thames in 1886

Source HuffingtonpostSource The RipperConstruction of Tower Bridge, c.1886
Source History UnseenTower Bridge
Source Thames Baths C.I.C.Source Huffingtonpost

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