Mystery human finger found by dog in London courtyard | London

Detectives are trying to work out who a mystery human finger belongs to almost seven years after it was found.

The finger was discovered by a dog in a disused courtyard in 2010, but officers have never identified who it belonged to.

Officers carried out an extensive search of the area in Woburn Walk near Euston station, central London, but did not find any more remains.

Analysis confirmed it was a fairly decomposed human finger, belonging to a man. DNA was obtained but did not match any missing person or crime reports at the time.

The DNA has since been loaded onto the national missing person database, but officers are still no closer to making a match or knowing the circumstances of how the finger became parted from its owner.

We have now exhausted all lines of inquiry and have been unable to find out who the finger belongs to and how the finger became detached in the first place.

It is quite the mystery. We are now appealing for the public to help us solve the case.

If anyone has any information, no matter how small or insignificant they think it is, we would urge them to contact us.

It would be great to be able to find out who the finger belongs to after all these years.

– DC Tom Boon, Central North Command’s Missing Persons Unit

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