Asda recall Little Angels brand of nappies after Jordan Bartliff wrote that his baby boy had suffered a ‘chemical reaction’ (From Your Local Guardian)

Asda has issued a recall on Little Angels newborn nappies.

Along with the recall, the store has also removed the nappies from sale.

This came about after Jordan Bartliff posted photos of his baby boy, who he did not want to be named, on Facebook, writing that he feared there the boy had suffered a “chemical reaction” as the result of a “bad batch” of the nappies.

The baby, born five weeks prematurely, had reportedly been wearing one of the nappies for around an hour when his skin started to appear red and sore.

The vice-president of own brand at Asda Lizzy Massey said: “I really care about our relationship with our customers and it’s incredibly important to me that we create products, like our Little Angels nappies, that they can trust.

“So when I saw the pictures posted on Facebook showing a baby suffering, my heart went out to him and his parents, especially as I’m a mum myself and see everything involving children through the perspective of ‘what if that were one of mine?”

“Whilst checks and controls are in place to give parents confidence in our products, if there’s a suggestion that something is wrong, we will act quickly.

“That is why we immediately started a full investigation into this incident and have taken the precautionary step of removing our range of newborn nappies from sale until we understand what has happened.”

If you’re concerned in any way about your baby’s health then seek professional medical advice in the first instance.

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