4 Jars Of Marmite Are Confiscated From City Airport Every Day

Will Noble

4 Jars Of Marmite Are Confiscated From City Airport Every Day

You’ll either love or hate this fact: an average of four jars of Marmite are confiscated at London City Airport every single day.

Research released by the airport shows that Marmite is the most-confiscated branded item — and the eighth-most-confiscated item on the list. Snow globes top the list of items that customs officials seize on. Sorry, little Timmy, your gift will probably have to be destroyed.

Marmite’s immense popularity among the jarred-brown-spread industry will come as a crushing blow to Nutella — which comes in just under Marmite, at number nine on the list.

Leave these at home

Among other most-confiscated items are fluffy handcuffs, wine and olive oil. Wonder how many people are carrying all of the above in the same suitcase…

The full list of London City Airport’s most-confiscated items is as follows:

1. Snow globes
2. Jams and spreads
3. Toiletries
4. Jarred chutneys and pickles
5. Olive oils
6. Wine
7. Spirits
8. Marmite
9. Nutella chocolate spread
10. Furry handcuffs

Last Updated 31 July 2017

Source : https://londonist.com/london/transport/4-jars-of-marmite-confiscated-from-city-airport-every-day