In Photos: The Traders And Customers Of Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Market — one strip of London that’s guaranteed to be perennially awash with colour. We’re not just talking about the colour from the roses, azaleas and the like, that are sold here though — but the colour of the characters who sell them. Check out these pictures — from Funny How Flowers Do That — of the people who buy and sell at this Sunday institution.

Dennis has been working on the market for almost half a century
Three happy buyersStephen works on what was his dad’s pitch“We’re now serving grandchildren and great grandchildren” – Yvonne (left)Albert comes from a long line of Alberts who’ve worked on the marketTony started working on his dad’s stall from the age of fiveDavid starts work at 3am on Sunday. His favourite flower is the Norma Jean rose

Columbia Flower Market from Londonist on Vimeo.

All images and photos: Funny How Flowers Do That

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