Opinion divided as Selfridges opens Christmas shop in July | London

Retail giant Selfridges is the first department store in the world to launch its Christmas shop. It comes at the height of summer – 147 days before the big day.

Their theme is “With Love From…” – a tribute to London,Manchester and Birmingham.

But, Londoners were not in the festive spirit when they spoke to Press Association.

One shopper outside the store on Oxford Street said: “If you’re selling it all year it doesn’t feel magical, and I feel that Christmas is magical.”

Another shopper said: “For me, I think it’s crazy. I usually do my bits last minute, so for me it’s delusional.

“But then I have a bestfriend who absolutely loves Christmas so it’d be just up her street. I think itdepends on the type of person.

“Otherwise it’s far too early. It’s summery. It’s not winter. You don’t need it.”

But, Eleanor Gregory from Selfridges insists a lot of international customers love to bring home souvenirs, while lots of domestic customers love to “buy Christmas a bit early… but any customers of course that aren’t really into Christmas this early can always ignore it.”

Additional reporting by Press Association

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-07-31/opinion-divided-as-selfridges-opens-christmas-shop-in-july/