In Photos: London In Kodachrome

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In Photos: London In Kodachrome

Everyone’s photographing the city these days, sharing their snaps to social media for the world to see. But take a look at these pictures of London from before the cameraphone era — this is London in kodachrome.

Tower of London, 1962
Source FlashbakSt Pauls Cathedral, 1962
Source FlashbakHouses of Parliament, 1962
Source FlashbakGrosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, from Alford Street, 1949
Source Rob BakerMiddlesex Street looking up to Wentworth Street, 1962
Source FlashbakMarket scene, Aldgate Avenue, 1962
Source FlashbakThe Mall, 1953
Source FlashbakOxford Street, 1962
Source FlashbakTower Bridge, 1953
Source FlashbakWhitehall, 1950s.
Source FlashbakPiccadilly Circus, 1962
Source Rob BakerPortobello Road, 1962
Source FlashbakThe Oval, 1962
Source FlashbakSpitalfields, 1962
Source FlashbakLambeth Pier, 1953
Source FlashbakWindsor Castle, 1953
Source FlashbakThe Houses of Parliament, 1953.
Source FlashbakWestminster Bridge, 1953
Source FlashbakTrafalgar Square, 1953.
Source FlashbakLondon Bridge, 1962
Source FlashbakTrafalgar Square, 1953
Source FlashbakBuckingham Palace, 1953.
Source FlashbakRegent Street, 1962
Source FlashbakShaftesbury Avenue from Piccadilly Circus, London, 1949
Source Piccadilly Circus, London, 1953
Source 1953
Source 1953

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