In Photos: London In The Fog

Come rain or shine, clear skies or foggy ones — if there’s one thing we can be sure about, it’s that London looks amazing whatever the weather. Check out our favourite photos of London in the fog below.

Primrose Hill.
Source Steele’s VillageTower Bridge in the fog.
Source Andrew BlochView of Tower Bridge from London Bridge… in the fog.
Source Ruth EllesonSource Sarah WellsSource LondonfromtherooftopsLondon, 1922.
Source Amateur CasualCentral London.
Source Npas LondonWestminster Abbey
Source HistoryphotographedSource TheraduDelivering ice in the fog, London 1919.
Source Rob BakerSource PeppyhereTower Bridge looking eerie and beautiful in the morning haze.
Source VisitlondonofficialFoggy conditions on Westminster Bridge.
Source LondonSource PeppyhereAfter the celebrations. A reveller makes his way home through the London fog after Halloween.
Source Sir William DavenantFog in London
Source Aer LingusThe London skyline.
Source Haydengeorge.Outside the Bank of England during thick fog, 1952.
Source Old Pics ArchiveLiverpool Street Station in the late, 1950s. London was famous for it’s “pea soupers” eventually leading parliament to pass the 1956 and 1968 Clean Air Acts, which began the process of eliminating the burning of coal in both people’s homes and in factories
Source LondonhistorianA bit foggy over London this morning. While Biggin Hill is clear with Blue skies!
Source Biggin Hill AirportWestminster Bridge in the fog.
Source GarconjonFog having set above BT Tower.
Source GcoolerRichmond Park.
Source Hassan MirrThe Barbican.
Source BarbicancentreKennington Park.
Source DavidsimThe Mall
Source Lambeth WalkerThe fog over London this morning! Absolutely beautiful.
Source Haydengeorge.The Lyceum Theatre in the Strand.
Source The RipperAerial view of Docklands in the fog.
Source Jack ShenkerTower Bridge.
Source EmcintaggartThe London skyline in the fog.
Source Red TenLondon calling…. Where are you? Thick fog on our approach this morning
Source Dave FitchLondon bus being guided through thick fog with a flaming torch, 1952.
Source YesteryearSource London

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