In Photos: Best Of Kingston Upon Thames

Eleana Overett

In Photos: Best Of Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames is an ancient market town, which was known as Cyninges tun at least as far back as 838 AD. It is now home to the busy shopping mall The Bentall Centre, a beautiful walk along the sides of the Thames, fantastic eateries and a market is still held daily in the picturesque Market Place. The pictures below show Kingston at its best.

Source Insta LondonSource Dimitar HrHampton Court Palace
Source SophieredischBirds on the river Thames, Kingston
Source AnitapixlondonSource Dimitar HrKingston Gate, Richmond Park
Source MaymustafaSource MrwhisperSource AladyinlondonSource ThewildnativeBushy Park
Source MelbondoConfusing or what?
Source Time Out LondonSource MaymustafaHands Music Cafe, Kingston Upon Thames
Source LondoncoffeeshopsSource LondonHampton Court Palace
Source SophieredischSource TravellingdaveukSource TravellingdaveukSource Mjt2000Local Hero Cafe Kingston
Source IndescriptBanquet Records, Kingston
Source Banquet RecordsSource PedrojmborgesBanquet Records
Source TherealjeremymckinnonMarket Place
Source LilaragkousiOld London Road phone boxes
Source Great Little PlaceKingston Bridge
Source GoldenredsnakeOxcheek Burger fom Kingston Market
Source Dansushi22Out Of Order. The sculpture, made up of disused telephone boxes, and designed by David Mach, was commissioned in 1988
Source LondonSource Chris SeddonSource ChrissharpsphotosSource ReesaundersSource MrwhisperMarket Place event
Source Robin Hutchinson MbeSource JusticestepanskyTaking the boat to Henry VIII’s pleasure palace.
Source SophieredischThe Local Hero Cafe, Kingston
Source Londoncoffeeshops

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