In Pictures: Stunning Snaps Of The Natural History Museum

As the jewel in London’s cultural crown, the Natural History Museum looks as good today as it did when it opened in 1881. Check out our favourite pictures from the museum here.

Source Holidayspots4uSource YoutubeIce Rink
Source CrissibethSource PosterousHintze Hall
Source ThelondonerThe stunning ceiling of Hintze Hall
Source PxleyesSource PhysNatural History Museum, 1895
Source Old LondonSource TryingtobalancethemadnessSource ScienceoveracuppaStaircase in the main hall (Hintze Hall) of the Natural History Museum
Source FootprintsoflondonSource FoursquareA 1,300 year old Giant Sequoia at the Natural History Museum
Source LouisetrundleySource Hiroshi NakanishiThe front facade
Source TourstolondonNatural History Museum, c.1881
Source Sir William DavenantSource ArchitectureusSperm Whale skeleton, Natural History Museum, 1901
Source LondonhistorianSource TeaatfiverumatfourThe stunning ceiling of Hintze Hall
Source TheteapotexplodesSource Ahmet.erdemSource TravelingcolorsWall detailing
Source ArchiphileSource IlikelondonEscalator entering the globe
Source WarwickSource Antonio MSource HdimagegallerySource NatgeotravelA labyrinth of fascinating exhibits
Source Thetrainline

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