Venom: Killer and Cure at Natural History Museum

Find out which animals are venomous, how creatures use their venom, and the ways in which people have used it for their own purposes with Venom: Killer and Cure at Natural History Museum.

Featuring a host of specimens, from snakes and spiders to the duck-billed platypus, this exhibition lets you discover the effects of venom through the eyes of both predator and prey. Gaze at the head of a Gaboon viper, the snake with the world’s largest venom fangs; learn about a flower urchin that can temporarily paralyse a human; and even face your fears by studying a live venomous specimen.

You’ll also uncover some medical marvels, as you find out how venom has been used throughout modern medicine, including treatment for diabetes and impotence.

The end date for this exhibition is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be early summer 2018.

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