Grenfell Tower: Family pays tribute to ‘selfless’ mother-of-five who died in blaze

Relatives have paid tribute to a “selfless” and “loving” mother as she was identified as one of the people killed in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Sakina Afrasehabi, 65, has been named as one of the 80 people who died when a huge blaze broke out at the tower on June 14.

The Met Police confirmed she was a victim on Tuesday, with her family releasing a statement praising her as “completely selfless”.

It said: “Sakina was a loving mother of five, who is much missed by all of us.

“She was completely selfless in all she did and always put other people first.”

Grenfell Tower aftermath – In pictures


The top section of the death trap Grenfell Tower

Jeremy Selwyn


The tower today, after the flames were extinguished

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A close up of the tower’s damaged windows



Fire service personnel survey the damage



The tower today, after it emerged at least 17 were killed

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Rows of blackened windows after the fire

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Police sent in sniffer dogs today to search for bodies

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The Grenfell Tower at dawn today

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Donations have flooded in for victims

Jeremy Selwyn


Water is sprayed on Grenfell Tower



Rows and rows of blackened windows. It is feared over one hundred people may have perished

Jeremy Selwyn


Part of the scorched facade of the Grenfell Tower in London as firefighting continue to damp-down the deadly fire



Fire crews examine the wreckage


Mrs Afrasehabi is the 50th victim to be named by the police or at the opening of their inquests in the more than two months since the tragedy, according to records by the Press Assocaition.

She was believed to have last been seen with her younger sister Fatima on the 18th floor of the building.

The Iranian family of the pair, who are presumed to have died, told The Guardian at the time that Mrs Afrasehabi was disabled and only able to move with a walking stick.

She said: “She was forced to live there because she had no other option.

“On a good day she couldn’t come down 18 floors – but in the fire and smoke?”



The final death toll for the blaze is still not known, though investigators believe 80 people were killed.

Inquests have begun for some of the victims and the terms of an inquiry established to examine the causes of the fire have also been revealed by the Government.

It will examine the actions of authorities before the blaze, including Kensington and Chelsea Council, and how the aftermath was handled.

The Standard revealed on Tuesday that council chiefs will spend tens of millions of pounds on buying homes around Grenfell Tower to rehouse survivors of the tragedy.

Hundreds march silently to mark two months since Grenfell Tower fire

A meeting of Kensington and Chelsea council on Thursday will propose spending £20 million from reserves on properties costing between £500,000 and £1.5 million in W10 and W11 and giving them to Grenfell survivors to live in as conventional council houses. 

The council hopes to complete the first purchase and move in tenants within six weeks.

Officials across the UK have been carrying out safety tests on tower blocks across the county, with inadequate cladding believed to be the main cause of the fire spreading.

Cladding samples from 22 tower blocks have failed the latest fire safety tests launched in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, bringing the total number of failed buildings to more than 200.

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