Convoys of self-driving lorries are set to hit UK motorways next year (From Your Local Guardian)

Platoons of self-driving lorries are set to be trialled on motorways according to the Department for Transport’s plan.

Already in parts of the US and Europe, lorries will drive closely together in convoy with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle.

The government has provided £8.1 million funding towards the trials, with it to be tested on a track before hitting the busy motorways here in the UK, starting with tests on the M1 next year.

But are there any safety concerns?

Plans have been criticised by road safety groups with the worry being that the nature of three lorries will block drivers on the outside lanes.

But with the government funding and the contract awarded to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and Highways England it is a case of seeing whether their plan can be justified.

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