Thousands of vegans stage animal rights march in central London

Thousands of vegans have descended on central London as part of global campaign for animal rights.

Activists marched on the Houses of Parliament and towards Hyde Park in a bid to “fight animal oppression”.

Demonstrators worked to convince Londoners that “the life of an animal is worth far more than our taste buds” as they stopped traffic at Hyde Park Corner.

Images showed hordes of protesters carrying banners displaying messages such as “no excuse for animal abuse” and “pigs just wanna have fun”.

Vegan march: Protesters descended on Hyde Park (Twitter/ @schimmbo)

Similar marches were also due to take place in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Romania in what campaigners described as “a consolidated global effort to make the vegan voice heard.”

More than 10,000 people have expressed an interest in attending the event on its official Facebook page.

It is organised by the animal activists group Surge.

Ed Winters, one of the co-founders of Surge, said: “To see this many vegans take to the streets is a humbling sign of the changing attitudes society is having towards the treatment of non-human animals. 

“As vegans we stand against all forms of oppression, with no exceptions defined by species. It is time for society to understand that the life of an animal is worth far more than our taste buds.”

Campaign: A previous animal rights march in London encouraging people to go vegan (Getty Images)

It is the second annual Official Animal Rights March and last year, over 2,500 vegans marched through the streets of the capital city, to campaign for animal rights and try to raise the profile of eating a plant-based diet.

The Vegan Society estimates that there are about 542,000 people in Britain that are following a vegan diet, compared with 150,000 ten years ago.

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