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Two small easy to overlook plaques can be found in the V&A’s central garden, both memorials to much loved canines.

It’s likely that both plaques were placed there by the same person, Sir Henry Cole, inventor of the Christmas Card, but for this venue, also the organiser of the Great Exhibition of 1851, and later the first director of V&A museum, which was funded from the exhibition profits.

According to the V&A, Jimmy, as Henry Cole referred to his dog, died of a cold in January 1879.

The other is more mysterious, although it seems a person called Alan, who was a friend of Henry owned that pooch, and they often walked together.

What is curious though is that Henry Cole’s letters mention a third dog, Pickle — who doesn’t have a memorial here.

To find the two plaques, head into the central courtyard garden from the front entrance, and turn right. The plaques are around the corner next to the doors.

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