Sadiq Khan demands new powers as he unveils affordable housing plan | London

London’s Mayor today demanded new powers and tax revenues after admitting he cannot solve London’s housing crisis “on his own”.

Sadiq Khan called on ministers to give him a key role in freeing up Government-owned land.

He also wants the Treasury to hand over the proceeds of property taxes including Stamp Duty.

The Mayor’s newly-published London Housing Strategy outlined proposals to build 90,000 affordable homes by 2021.

He also announced a £250 millions rolling fund to allow City Hall to buy and prepare land before selling it to house builders.

Critics accused the Mayor of abandoning an election pledge to force developers to make half of all new homes affordable.

Much can be done with existing powers and funding and the ambition of the proposals in this strategy demonstrates the changes and reforms that are required. However, the Mayor cannot solve this crisis on his own.

– Mayor’s draft London housing strategy

I’ve been honest from the start that turning things round will take time and fixing the housing crisis will be a marathon not a sprint, but my strategy sets out how we can start making a real difference to affordable housing in the city.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Despite bold promises on housing, the Mayor has again failed to set any new targets outside of those imposed by central Government.

He has also failed to explain in any detail where he will obtain £250 million to buy new land and his pledges to maximise land use is, at best, vague idealism.

– Andrew Boff, Conservative London Assembly member

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