Peek Inside This Swanky Mayfair Flat

Tabish Khan

Peek Inside This Swanky Mayfair Flat
Peak in from the outside as this room isn’t visible from the inside. Image courtesy Dimore Gallery /Mazzoleni

We lean through a porthole and spy into a living room decked out with impressive furniture and art. There are empty bottles on the table, a crushed paper cup on the floor and a telephone off the hook on the sofa. It’s like we just walked in the morning after a party at someone’s swanky pad.

The fact that we can’t go in makes us a feel like a voyeur looking into someone else’s life — how very Mayfair. We see similar scenes in a dining room and a bathroom complete with magazines on the floor next to the toilet. Wait, is that a Lucio Fontana on the bathroom wall? Why yes, yes it is.

A very plush living room. Image courtesy Dimore Gallery /Mazzoleni

Mazzoleni Gallery in Mayfair has teamed up with Dimore Gallery to create this impressive installation of five rooms that we can only peek into, mostly through portholes and one is only visible through the street facing window.

You can even get a look into the bathroom. Image courtesy Dimore Gallery /Mazzoleni

It’s smart, full of chic design and art, and even the music playing in the gallery is great. We love this concept and we want to go inside and live here… well, only if others can’t spy on us.

Mazzoleni invites Dimore Gallery – (Un)comfort Zone is on at Mazzoleni, 27 Albemarle Street, W1S 4HZ until 24 September. Entrance is free and the gallery is open Monday-Saturday.

Last Updated 08 September 2017

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