Bikers call for action on motorcycle thefts | London

Motorcycling campaign groups have called on politicians to do more to tackle the surge in thefts of bikes and mopeds in London.

They say 65 bikes are stolen each day in the capital and many are then used to carry out further crimes. Today, campaign groups organised a protest ride to make their point.

The bikers say the cost of insuring their bikes is forcing to them to give up their motorcycles.

A lot of people have hung up their helmets basically. They’ve either lost their bikes and they can’t afford to get a new one, they can’t afford to insure it. A lot of insurers now, especially in London, are refusing to insure for theft.

– Ripley Bishop, Motorcycle Crime Prevention Community

Yesterday, motorcycling groups attended a meeting at London’s City Hall to discuss the issue.

Our police officers are working extremely hard to crackdown on perpetrators, deploying dedicated ground operations, building intelligence on offenders, and using prevention work to make the streets hostile territory for criminals who use mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles for robberies and violence.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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