Pet dog that mauled owner to death ‘probably ate crack cocaine’

A pet dog which mauled its owner to death in front of a BBC crew could have been high on crack cocaine, an inquest has heard.

Computer expert Mario Perivoitos, 41, died after he was bitten on his neck by Staffordshire bull terrier Major.

BBC producers making a documentary about drugs were present – but not filming – when the incident happened after visiting Mr Perivoitos at his home in Wood Green on March 20.

A veterinary toxicologist told an inquest at north London coroner’s court that test results showed high levels of cocaine and morphine in the dog’s urine.

A Staffordshire bull terrier (Shutterstock file pic )
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According to the MailOnline, toxicologist Nicholas Carmichael said the dog had “probably eaten” the drugs.

He said it was too difficult to link the drugs to the attack, but that the substances would have made the dog “respond abnormally” and become “very excited and agitated”.

“It is more likely that this attack happened because this dog had taken cocaine,” he added.

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