Eddie Redmayne stalker sent love letters and loitered outside his London home in five-year campaign of harassment

A German translator has admitted stalking Eddie Redmayne, bombarding him with love letters and stalking him at premieres and on film sets.

Gaby Stieger, 49, a mother-of-two, also repeatedly loitered outside the Oscar-winning actor’s house in Southwark, south London, after she saw him at a play five years ago.

She first met the 35-year-old after watching him perform at the Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden in 2012.

She began visiting the set while he was filming The Theory Of Everything the following year and followed him and his wife to a carol service at Eton College in December 2013. She can be seen staring at him in a photograph taken by a fan.

Gaby Stieger, 49, outside Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court where she has admitted stalking Eddie Redmayne (PA)

Stieger, whose teenage daughters live in Germany, started sitting in a park opposite Redmayne’s house. She also followed him to his local Tube station and on one occasion asked him for a hug.

In August 2017, Stieger approached Redmayne again outside his house, while he was with his baby daughter, and tried to touch his arm.

She sent Redmayne letters “expressing admiration and love”, prosecutor Sara Ashkboos said.

“She directly states she is in love with the complainant and asked him to reply,” she added.

In one of her letters Stieger wrote: “I know things about you.”

Stieger, 49, repeatedly loitered outside the Oscar-winning actor’s house in Southwark (PA)

Redmayne also spotted her in the crowd in Leicester Square at the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film last year, which he had a lead role in.

She pleaded guilty to stalking at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Redmayne described the distress it caused him and his family in a statement read to the court.

He said: “I always try to be open and friendly as support (from fans) is what gives me a career.

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“I deeply regret having met Gaby Stieger – she harassed myself and my family intermittently over five years, leaving us distressed, unsafe and deeply unsettled.”

She would appear outside his house “out of nowhere – observing me and my family without us knowing”, he added.

“The safety of my family is everything to me and with her behaviour we can’t feel safe,” he wrote.

He also said her face would “contort with rage” when she spoke about his wife Hannah Bagshawe.

He was so worried about the stalking that he contacted a solicitor and repeatedly told Stieger to leave him and his family alone.

Stieger, of Colindale, north London, was released on conditional bail, banning her from contacting Redmayne or going to Southwark, and is due to be sentenced on Thursday afternoon.

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/german-translator-admits-stalking-eddie-redmayne-by-sending-him-love-letters-and-loitering-outside-a3634406.html